Double It For Nature: More parks, more rangers, more refuges

    Dear Premier of Queensland,
    CC: Minister for the Environment, Deputy Premier, Treasurer, Tourism Minister [your local MP’s name will be automatically entered],

    As a Queenslander and one of your constituents, it’s so important to me that we keep our state’s natural assets protected and healthy for future generations.

    That is why I’ve joined the call to Double It For Nature.

    Together, we’re calling on the Palaszczuk Government to invest in doubling the size of Queensland’s national parks and protected areas on private land. 

    Despite being in the midst of biological and climate crises, Queensland has the lowest percentage of land currently under protection compared to every other state. This has to change and we know that it’s possible.

    I’m looking to you for leadership. That means fulfilling your promise to build a world class protected area system in line with national and international targets of at least 17%. It means investing in better management of our protected areas to make sure environmental threats like invasive weeds, feral animals and destructive fires are kept to a minimum.

    The Protected Area Strategy and its funding ‘down payment’ lays a great foundation. Now is the time to be big and bold for nature in Queensland -  for local communities, for cultural protection, for tourism industries, for job opportunities, and for nature.

    Yours faithfully,
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    From our white sand beaches to the red sand deserts, from our lush green rainforests to our free flowing rivers... as Queenslanders, we reckon our backyard is second to none. And we want to keep it that way.

    If future generations are going to get to love the bush like we do, we need the Government to get serious about protecting it.

    We’re calling on the Queensland Government to do a better job of protecting nature by doubling our national parks and protected areas on private land, and employing more rangers and land managers to keep nature healthy.

    Together, we’re protecting nature for all Queenslanders.


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    Our Vision

    To live in a state with a world leading protected area system. A state where leadership by the Queensland Government has increased the size of land area protected to meet state, national and international targets. 

    A state that prioritises active land management to tackle environmental threats. In which active land management of national parks and private protected areas is prioritised and well funded so that landscapes are healthy and resilient and native wildlife thrives across the state’s many ecosystems. 

    A state where the leadership of First Nations custodianship is promoted and followed, where people can have long careers tackling environmental threats like invasive weeds, feral animals and destructive fires, and where Queenslanders and tourists enjoy and celebrate nature, and appreciate living in harmony with it.