Queensland, it’s time to back our Outback

Outback Queensland is the heart of our state. Its diverse landscapes support unique wildlife and hard-working families who rely on healthy landscapes to prosper. 

Outback Queensland is also one of the last great regions of nature left on Earth.
But the health of Outback Queensland is under threat. Feral animals and noxious weeds are spreading rapidly, while destructive fires threaten property and nature.
The health of Outback Queensland depends on people working to carefully manage these threats and sustain nature.

But, people and nature in our Outback need more support. It’s time to back our Outback by:

Nature Refuges

Supporting landholders to care for their land by expanding the Nature Refuges Program.

National Parks

Investing in Queensland’s national parks to support nature, tourism and regional development

Indigenous Rangers

Growing the Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers program.

Will you back our Outback?