Funding for new and better-managed nature refuges

April saw the Palaszczuk Government commit more than $3 million towards creating more, well-managed protected areas on private land.

In early April, the government announced $2.2 million to expand the nature refuge network - a program of voluntary agreement between landholders and the Queensland Government to protect and manage natural and cultural heritage on private land. This included introducing grants for Queenslanders who want to protect native plants and animals on their patch.

Queensland Environment Minister, Meaghan Scanlon, said the funding could be used to protect and restore habitat, tackle weeds and feral animals, develop cultural heritage plans, restrict environmentally sensitive areas from livestock or grow pre-existing nature refuges by more than 1000 hectares.

There was more good news for people and nature to come…

Just last week, the state government made a second announcement to fund Queensland’s nature refuges, with close to $1 million for nature refuge management.

This saw more than 80 nature refuges receive a share in the latest round of grants to ensure the health and resilience of nature on their land.

These grants will fund projects such as weed control on koala habitat, fire management, tree planting and restoration, feral pig management, endangered mammal monitoring and erosion control.

It’s great to see the Palaszczuk Government supporting private landholders who are doing their bit to care for Queensland’s environment - protecting native species, diversifying their income and creating regional economic opportunities.

Protected areas on private land are critical in preserving nature and culture for future generations and are key to the Queensland Government delivering their ambitious Protected Area Strategy 2020-2030.

The next crucial step is to ensure that nature refuges come out on top in the June Queensland Budget - to create more, better-managed protected areas on private land for people and nature.

If you are a landholder interested in protecting nature on your land, we encourage you to submit an expression of interest by 20 May 2022. Find out more about this great program at: