Have your say on Queensland Government's protected areas plan

It's time to expand our protected areas and fund jobs to care for them!

    Dear Premier of Queensland,
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    Thank you for delivering on your promise of a Protected Area Strategy for Queensland.

    As a Queenslander, it’s so important to me that our national parks and protected areas on private land are well looked after, and that they grow to protect more wildlife and deliver more benefits for our culture, economy and community.

    I would like to see your party commit to ambitious targets for growing and better managing our protected area estate. We need more jobs for people to take care of nature, and we need to grow the area protected. I’ll be looking for how you can match the Protected Area Strategy with ambitious funding to do just that.

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more about your party’s support for nature protection in the coming weeks.

    Yours sincerely,

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    The Queensland Government did a good thing this week - they released a plan to better protect our natural and cultural heritage.

    It has the potential to be a turning point in expanding our national parks and nature refuges, taking better care of them with more jobs for land managers, and also better recognising stewardship by traditional owners.

    We want to show the Government that Queenslanders support efforts to better protect nature.

    We’ve set up this online action, which will send a message of thanks (and a call to do more!) to the Premier, Deputy Premier, Treasurer, Minister for Environment and your local MP - will you add your voice*?

    More detail on the Protected Area Strategy

    What you’re doing is working. 

    Thanks to the pressure of supporters like you, our politicians are starting to hear that Queenslanders want a strong, well funded plan to protect our state’s nature - for our environment, for jobs, for tourism and for communities.

    The Protected Area Strategy released by the Government this week lays a solid foundation for work to expand and better care for our national parks and protected areas on private land. But the strategy doesn’t include ambitious targets, and it hasn’t been matched with the level of funding we need to see to reach the state’s commitment to raise the area of land under protection from 8% to 17%.

    Will you join us in encouraging the Queensland Government to do more?

    Together we can be a voice for people and nature. Together we can ensure our politicians and candidates deliver positive results for people and nature by investing in our national parks, nature refuges and land management jobs on country. 

    Use our handy tool to send an email directly to the Premier, Deputy Premier, Treasurer, Minister for Environment and your local member.

    *Tip: Personalise your message for extra power.



    P.S. Our Living Outback is nonpartisan - we reckon every side of politics should support bigger and better national parks and protected areas on private land, as well as more land management jobs.


    Photo credit: Tourism and Events Queensland