Nature misses out in Queensland budget

The Queensland Government has handed down their 2019 budget and we are feeling the grief for nature in Outback Queensland.

In the lead up to the state budget, thousands of Queenslanders came together to back programs that support people and nature in Outback Queensland.

Together, we’ve called on the Queensland Government for increased funding for landholders to care for their land through the Nature Refuges program, additional investment in the great work done by Indigenous Rangers and the need to create new, well-managed Outback national parks for all Queenslanders to enjoy.

As hard as we fought, unfortunately people and nature in Outback Queensland were largely forgotten.

It’s time that our Government supported nature in Outback Queensland.

We saw no extra funding for the Nature Refuges program or Indigenous Ranger programs and there was only a fraction of what's needed to expand and improve the management of our national parks network.

The good news is that there was some funding toward Indigenous land management and protected areas on Cape York. This will help return land to First Nations peoples, support economic opportunities while also protecting the Cape’s incredible landscapes and wildlife.

This is a small step for the future health of our Outback, but it’s not enough. It’s clear we’ve got a lot more work to do but we won’t be backing down.

This is just the beginning.

Over the past six months I’ve been working with passionate Queenslanders to collect thousands of signatures on a special book for our Treasurer supporting investment in programs that back people and nature in the Outback.

Soon we’ll be taking the voice of passionate Queenslanders directly to the Treasurer.

Add your name to the Our Living Outback Photo Book today, and help us deliver the message that the Outback deserves this Government’s attention.

Feral animals and noxious weeds are spreading rapidly, while destructive fires are threatening nature and property. To sustain the future health of our Outback we need investment in programs that support people managing and combating these threats.