We want all Queenslanders to see the beauty of nature in our Outback, through your lens.

We want all Queenslanders to see the beauty of nature in our Outback, through your lens.

Outback Queensland covers almost two-thirds of the state and is one of the last great regions of nature left on Earth. From the tropical rainforests of Cape York, the Gulf Country’s savanna plains, the spinifex hills of the Mt Isa ranges and the vast floodplains of the Channel Country; our Outback has many beautiful landscapes that photographers have enjoyed exploring for decades.

The unique wildlife of our Outback has also captured our imaginations. Our Outback has an extraordinary diversity of native plants and animals- from Cassowaries and Cuscus in the rainforests of Cape York,  to Bilbies and Budgerigars in the desert lands of far-western Queensland.

Our Outback is also home to many people who work hard to carefully manage the landscape and its wildlife. Whether it’s a grazier in the west controlling weeds, Indigenous ranger to the north managing fire, a park ranger dealing with feral animals or scientists protecting threatened species, the health of the Outback relies on people.

We’re looking for the most interesting, original, and enticing photos of nature in Outback Queensland. 
Show us your best photos that represent what comes to mind when you think people and nature of Outback Queensland, and you could win some incredible prizes. The shortlisted images will be exhibited at the Outback Tourism Awards in Winton and a special Brisbane exhibition to celebrate the Year of the Outback. Competition closes 20th September 2019.

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Nick Landles
Photo credit: Nick Landles
William Parker
Photo credit: William Parker
Sue Rutherford
Photo credit: Sue Rutherford
Judith Matthews
Photo credit: Judith Matthews

Outback in Focus entries are now closed! 

Over the past few months members of the community have shared the beauty of nature in Outback Queensland through their lens.

We’ve received hundreds of photos showcasing the uniqueness of native animals, plants and landscapes in Outback Queensland as well as the people who work tirelessly to protect and care for them.

Photos will now be shortlisted and judged and soon you will be able to vote for your favourite entries too, so stay tuned!

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