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    Dear Premier of Queensland,
    CC: Minister for the Environment, Deputy Premier, Treasurer, Tourism Minister [your local MP’s name will be automatically entered],

    As a Queenslander and one of your constituents, it’s so important to me that we protect our natural assets and support people to keep them healthy for future generations. 

    Congratulations on your government’s recent conservation purchase of The Lakes in North Queensland and the Bramwell and Richardson properties on Cape York. This is fantastic and welcome news.

    Alongside thousands of other Queenslanders, I’m calling on the Queensland Government to Double It For Nature.

    This means investing in protecting and sustaining our natural environment and wildlife now for the benefit of future Queenslanders.

    Together, we’re calling on the Palaszczuk Government to invest in doubling the size of Queensland’s national parks and private protected areas.

    Investing in the growth and management of our protected areas stimulates and attracts billions in additional revenue for Queensland across tourism, carbon sequestration and land management. 

    I’m looking to you for leadership. That means ambitiously funding your promise to build a world class protected area system in line with national and international targets of at least 17%. It also means investing in better management of our protected areas to make sure environmental threats like invasive weeds, feral animals and destructive fires are kept to a minimum.

    With the Queensland Olympic and Paralympic Games only 10 years away, now is the time to put our beautiful state on the world stage and ambitiously invest in nature conservation.

    The Protected Area Strategy and its funding ‘down payment’ lays a great foundation. Now is the time to be big and bold for nature in Queensland -  for local communities, for cultural protection, for tourism industries, for job opportunities, and for nature.

    Yours faithfully,
    [Your name will be automatically added]

    Palaszczuk Government: fund our national parks and nature refuges!

    Will you send a message to the Premier today, calling on the Palaszczuk Government to fund their plan to protect nature?

    Despite being in the midst of a global biological and climate crises, the Queensland Government protects and manages the lowest percentage of land compared to every other state or territory.

    Fortunately, the government’s Protected Area Strategy represents an historic opportunity to protect Queensland’s wildlife and boost ecotourism. 

    But an ambitious plan needs ambitious funding and the money is running out.

    Queensland is home to wildlife found nowhere else on Earth.

    In fact, we have the highest diversity of native plant and animal species in the country. Their survival depends on their homes being protected and managed.

    It’s time for the government to properly fund their ambitious plan to create more better-managed national parks and nature refuges - for wildlife, for tourism and places to enjoy.

    Send a message to the Premier today, calling on the Palaszczuk Government to fund their plan to protect our state's natural and cultural heritage for future generations.