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We're taking the voice of passionate Queenslanders directly to Treasurer Jackie Trad, in a special photo book.

The Australian Outback is one of the last great regions of nature left on Earth.

Stretching from the tropical rainforests of Cape York to the Gulf Country’s savanna plains and the vast floodplains of the Channel Country, our Outback is as diverse as the people and wildlife who call it home.

But, the health and future of our living Outback is at risk, and we're calling on the Queensland Government to invest in programs that will sustain communities and safeguard nature.

You can show your support for Outback Queensland today!

We're taking the voice of passionate Queenslanders like you directly into the offices of the Treasurer Jackie Trad, by gifting her with a special book containing amazing photographs of the Outback.

This book highlights the value of our Outback and the programs the government needs to invest in to protect it.

We're asking you to be part of this special occasion by adding your signature to the book.

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