Nature Champions

Sharon Prior, Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation, Talaroo Nature Refuge

Sharon Prior

Talaroo Nature Refuge

"It’s been a great achievement getting Talaroo gazetted as a nature refuge. I’d like to see more assistance for Indigenous organisations and ranger programs - to achieve the conservation and cultural objectives for the Nature Refuge. Nature refuges are important because it’s all about looking after the environment for future generations.”

Dr Sally Driml, University of Queensland Business School

Dr Sally Driml

University of Queensland Business School

"Our natural environment supports Queensland’s billion dollar tourism industry. Our protected areas are not only attractive destinations for Queenslanders and visitors to Queensland but they provide jobs and opportunities for our state."

Garlone Moulin, Mount Pleasant Nature Refuge

Garlone Moulin

Mount Pleasant Nature Refuge

“My family is happy to do whatever it takes to look after our nature refuge but in lean times staying on top of jobs like weeding becomes quite a struggle. We could do a lot more if we were provided with funding and we would probably be more inclined to dedicate more of our property to being a nature refuge.”

Wal Mayr and Heather Mayr, Blue Fig Nature Refuge

Wal Mayr and Heather Mayr

Blue Fig Nature Refuge

"More funding for nature refuge owners will go towards our work to tackle threats like feral animals, invasive weeds and destructive fires. This will encourage private landholders who want to protect natural and cultural values for future generations, and we need to see more of it."

Barry Hughes, North Head Nature Refuge

Barry Hughes

North Head Nature Refuge

“You feel this responsibility to be a custodian of this land. It’s a great honour to do this. Our primary focus is to leave it just as good, if not better.”

Tammy Hughes, North Head Nature Refuge

Tammy Hughes

North Head Nature Refuge

"Establishing North Head Nature Refuge was truly rewarding for both us and our property. It has helped us show what we’ve always known to be true - that cattle producers care deeply for their land and for its future prosperity. For us, it is important to demonstrate that if you manage your land right, you can protect nature, all the while running a successful business and providing food for Australian families."