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Outback Queensland is the heart of our state and one of the last great regions of nature left on Earth. Its rugged and diverse landscapes support unique wildlife and hard-working families who rely on healthy landscapes.

But, the health and future of our living Outback is at risk. More hands-on work to remove feral animals and noxious weeds, as well as prevent destructive fires, is essential to sustain communities and safeguard nature.

There are three key ways to help protect our Outback:

1. Support landholders by expanding the Nature Refuges program.

2. Grow the successful Indigenous Ranger program.

3. Create new well managed National Parks for all Queenslanders.

Sign the petition to Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch and Treasurer Jackie Trad, CC your local MP, asking them to invest in these important programs and deliver for people and nature of Outback Queensland.

Sign the Petition!

    Dear Environment Minister, Treasurer and [your local MP’s name will be automatically entered],

    I’m one of the 92 percent of Queenslanders who think our Outback is a big part of our state’s history, culture and identity*

    Outback Queensland’s diverse landscapes support unique wildlife and hard-working families on the land.

    Our Outback is also one of the last great regions of nature left on Earth.

    But the health of Outback Queensland is under threat. Feral animals and noxious weeds are spreading rapidly, while destructive fires threaten property and nature.

    There are three ways you can support people and nature in our Outback:

    1. Supporting landholders to care for their land by expanding the Nature Refuges program.
    2. Growing the successful Indigenous Rangers program
    3. Creating new well-managed National Parks for all Queenslanders to enjoy.

    I ask you to invest in these successful programs to support people and nature in Outback Queensland.

    (*Galaxy Research, November 2017)


    Yours faithfully,
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