Will you help us make some noise this Threatened Species Day?

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Let's make some noise this Threatened Species Day!

September 07, 2020 at 9:00am - 9pm

Let's flood social media this Threatened Species Day and be a voice for nature.

Together, alongside thousands of Queenslanders, we’ve continued to be a voice for nature so our iconic natural places, our native animals and our unique plants aren’t left behind as our politicians make the big decisions for Queensland.

With under 1 week until #ThreatenedSpeciesDay, we’re still waiting for a clear plan to protect and care for nature across our sunshine state.

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Queensland is home to 70% of Australia’s mammals, 80% of its birds and more than 50% of its native reptiles, frogs and plant species - more plant and animal species than any other state in Australia. In fact, our state is so rich in nature that if it were a country, it would be one of the most species-rich countries in the world. Many of the plants and animals we have here can be found nowhere else on Earth. 

The extraordinary diversity of our species and landscapes means we have an immense responsibility to protect them! But sadly, we have the least percentage of our state protected as national parks and nature refuges, with many of our unique species’ habitat under threat.

We’re calling on the Queensland Government to release a clear plan for more national parks and nature refuges to protect our threatened species… are you in?

Carolyn Cooper Lindy Davidson Tracey Aston IanneKerry Levingston Kathryn Teske Lynette Newman Duthie Maxine Catherine Sweeney Laurel Wilson Reid Gordon Alex Summers Celia Walford Clinton Borchers Meg Callan Ed Parker Judith Griffith Deborah Morgan Hughes Hutchinson Kaye kerri dixon Wenda Shurety Robyn Mackay Greta Reis Catherine Balmer Patricia Parkin Morrell Lesley Sharon Miller Bernice Smith Nicole Fetz rika tsuchida Maria Mainhardt Wende Mitchell Patricia Greinke Ervine Lisa Tom Cotter Ron Deane Annemarie Hay Debbie Downing Sandra Wallace Trotman Elaine McGregor Grace Anne Cooper Susan Byron Debbie O’Donnell Sandy Mas Robyn Lamb Cassy Tzoutzias Sean Moran Charmaine Walker

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