Let our new Deputy Premier know that you care about nature in Queensland.

    Dear Minister Miles,

    Congratulations on your appointment to Deputy Premier.

    As a constituent in your electorate, I was pleased to see you have been appointed to this important role in addition to your vital work as Minister for Health.

    Given your new position, I wanted to get in touch to let you know that protecting Queensland's nature is a high priority for me. Connecting with nature has been so important for Queenslanders as we cope with the COVID crisis, and that shows how important it is that we create protected areas and empower land managers to look after our savannahs, our islands, our rainforests, our wildlife, our desert rivers, our bushland, and our coastlines.

    I am a supporter of the Our Living Outback campaign which is calling for better funding for national parks, nature refuges and Indigenous rangers. I hope you will work to represent me as your constituent and also the best interests of our state by investing in these programs.

    All the best in your new role,

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    Murrumba electorate has a new claim to fame…the local Member of Parliament Dr Steven Miles is now also Deputy Premier.

    Add your name to send a message of congratulations to Minister Miles and to let him know that protecting nature in Queensland is important to you. 

    Minister Miles now has a key seat at Parliamentary decision making tables so when you send your message, it will let him know his constituents want to see decisions that benefit people and nature.

    Throughout the COVID crisis, we’ve heard from many of you about how much you love and miss nature. Queensland is home to more plant and animal species than any other state, but feral animals, invasive weeds and destructive wildfires are threatening the health of habitats and resident wildlife populations.

    With only 8 percent of our state protected, Queensland needs more protected areas. (In 2017 Palaszczuk Government committed to more than double that figure to the internationally-recognised standard of 17 percent)

    We need national parks and nature refuges to keep habitats connected. And we need more boots on the ground - land management jobs like Indigenous rangers - to ensure our resilience against environmental threats.

    Our politicians need to demonstrate their recognition that nature is a part of the fabric of our life as Queenslanders through investment in protected areas and their management.

    That’s why we’d love it if you’d send a message to your local member, Steven Miles, Queensland’s new Deputy Premier to let him know it's important to you.

    It’s time for bigger and better national parks and nature refuges, and more Indigenous ranger jobs.

    Together, we can have a positive impact for people and nature in our Outback and across our state.